I quit everything to go exploring by bike

Hello world,

Today I started a blog! Who knows if I’ll be able to remember my password, understand how to upload content, or be motivated to write updates. I guess it seems worth a try!  I thought it would be a good way to share photos and thoughts from outdoor adventures, and due to a recent series of questionable life decisions, I’ve got the time for a variety of time-sucking outdoor hobbies involving varying degrees of pointless physical and psychological effort. This sort of dilly-dallying has helped me realize that exploring and hanging out in cool places is pretty much the point of life, and something at which I can excel. I guess that seems worth writing about.

I’m also currently pretty enamored with travel of the bicycle persuasion.

In other words, I quit my job, I quit paying rent, I have no idea how to get health insurance because I don’t have an address or income, and I’m going to go exploring by bike. I’m also still trying to remember not to put two spaces after a period, because I guess that’s a new thing that people do, and it is really hard.

Anyways, starting in sometime in March of this year I’ll be embarking on a mostly solo* adventure roughly charting a counterclockwise loop through the desert and mountains of the southwest USA. I’ll be starting and ending in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and my goal is to create a route on dirt roads and trails as much as I can. I have a long list of cool places I want to explore, including but not limited to the remote desert landscapes of southern New Mexico, Arizona’s Chiricahua Mountains and Coronado National Forest, Tucson, the Mogollon Rim and Red Rock Country, Flagstaff, The Grand Canyon, Southern Utah’s Canyon Country and La Sal Mountains, Southwest Colorado, Durango, Northern New Mexico’s Jemez Mountains and Carson National Forest, all the hot springs, and of course the Gila.

I have no idea what I’m doing. I haven’t ever done a bicycle tour, let alone a remote, solo backcountry bicycle trip through the desert. I may die! I hope not, but with the blog, at least I’ll be able to keep you posted if I do. Thanks for following along.

*You can join me! Ask me how!



13 thoughts on “I quit everything to go exploring by bike

  1. Well, it sounds exciting and I wish you the best with it! Are you in NM now, or PA? I would love to see your tentative route. Looking forward to hearing more about it


  2. I still use two spaces after a period, thanks to Mrs. Ardery and typing class. And I might need instruction on how to follow this. I can’t tell if it’s going anywhere or not. Lindy


  3. Way to go Susie! I am starting my first cross country loaded bicycle journey as well… this month (February) in Portland and riding south along the coast to somewhere near San Diego and the turning east to ride across the southern tier of the U.S. and then eventually north back to my home in northern Michigan. If the logistics work out, I’d love to ride with you for a section of your journey. In any event, I wish you a wonder-filled trip!

    I’ll be blogging too. My photo blog address is: pedalpoweredadventures.tumblr.com

    Ride on!


    1. Hi Keefer, that sounds like a great adventure! I will check out your blog as well. Maybe we’ll overlap, but I think I’ll probably be farther north when you come through on the Southern Tier but let me know. Happy trails!


  4. Susan! You are CRAZY, but amazing! BOLD, but it makes so much sense! I, myself have fantasy’s about grabbing my hubby and kids and getting on the road! Mostly RV style, though. I’ll be following your blog. Take care of you! Hugs! Kristin Bieri


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